The Data Science Course 2020 Q2 Updated: Part 2 – Free Udemy Courses

Free Udemy Course Title: The Data Science Course 2020 Q2 Updated: Part 2

Building on the Foundation: Probability, Descriptive Statistics- Part2, Data Visualization, Covariance and Correlation

The Data Science Course 2020 Q2 Updated: Part 2
The Data Science Course 2020 Q2 Updated: Part 2


  • No prior experience is required. We will start with the very basics. You will benefit by going through our part 1 course which lays the foundation

What you’ll learn:

  • Probability tells us how often some event will happen after many repeated trials, we start off with an introduction to this interesting topic.
  • You will get more clarity and will learn hands-on by solving several examples on Probability
  • You will learn more about variables, mean, median and mode etc
  • You will learn insights on descriptive statistics
  • You will learn the degrees of freedom, mathematical operations
  • You will learn more about discrete and continuous random variables
  • You will learn through hands-on examples on Properties of E(x)
  • You will learn the Art of Data Visualization
  • You will learn how to compile Histogram and Boxplot with examples
  • You will learn through examples of how to create Boxplot and Scatter plot
  • You will learn that Covariance gives an idea about the direction of the data with examples, you will also learn Correlation with examples

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