OOP in Python – Object Oriented Programming for Beginners – Free Udemy Courses

Free Certification Course Title: OOP in Python – Object Oriented Programming for Beginners

Learn OOP in Python with Scopes, Hoisting, Rest Operator, Arrow Functions, Classes, Destructuring, Generators, Weakmaps

OOP in Python - Object Oriented Programming for Beginners
OOP in Python – Object Oriented Programming for Beginners


  • Basic Knowledge of Programming
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript ( DOM)
  • A proper IDE for quick practice such as VS Code, Brackets

What you’ll learn:

  • Using ‘let’ and ‘const’ for the scopes, hoisting and declaring variables
  • Using the new type of operators ( spread and rest) to manipulate arrays and function arguments
  • Practicing the strings using Template literals for multi-line statements and using values in statements
  • New Objects, Array , string, number and other built-in methods introduced in ES6
  • Assigning Default values to arguments in functions
  • New way of creating functions using arrow functions and its implementations
  • De-structuring the objects and arrays
  • New Data type Symbols and data structures Sets, Maps, Weak Maps and Weak Sets
  • Object Oriented Programming In ES6
  • Using Modules and Generator Functions
  • Modern way of performing asynchronous functions using Promise
  • The difference between ES5 and ES6

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