Microsoft Excel A-Z: Beginner to Professional Analyst

Free Certification Course Title: Microsoft Excel A-Z: Beginner to Professional Analyst

Learn and master both the technical features in Excel and its immediate application to real-world business cases.

Microsoft Excel A-Z: Beginner to Professional Analyst
Microsoft Excel A-Z: Beginner to Professional Analyst


  • The course is created using Microsoft Excel 2016 – 2020. Almost all features apply to Excel 2010 or newer while all analysis concepts and techniques will work for all versions.
  • Recommended: Excel 2013 or newer
  • No prior knowledge needed.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn and master Excel from complete beginner to analyst
  • Walkthrough 7 real-world business case studies
  • Cover all Excel essential features with Foundation Series
  • Build Excel models with advanced formulas
  • Analyze with Pivot Tables, Data Models and Power Pivot
  • Learn data lookups and preparation including Power Query
  • Impress with charts, data viz and dynamic reports
  • Intensive 6-week Bootcamp on your own time
  • Analytics expertise from two top MBA graduates
  • Excel instruction from version 2010 to 2020

Created by Symon He, Travis Chow


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