Free Linux Command Line Certification Course, Unix, Avail Now

Free Certification Course Title: Hands-on Unix or Linux Commands with grep, awk, sed & more!

Unix, Linux, Unix command, Linux command, sed, awk, grep, find, sort, regular expression, compress, zip, gzip.

Free Linux Command Line Certification Course
Free Linux Command Line Certification Course


  • No prerequisite, I’ll teach you everything from the beginning.
  • Mobile phone or computer having access to the internet
  • If you are a student or professional working in the IT field then this course is a must for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • Practical hands-on UNIX or Linux commands which are required on the ground.
  • Commands to work with Files and Directories.
  • Searching patterns across the contents.
  • Hands-on on columnar data.
  • sort, grep, sed, awk, zip, gzip, tar.
  • Ways to compression and un-compress files.
  • Linux Operating system installation.
  • and more!

Course Content:



Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start with Practical Unix or Linux Command-Line in a short period of time.
  • Students, Software Professional, Production Support Engineers who are curios about UNIX or Linux commands.
  • Tester, Automation Tester, Manual Tester who want to work in a UNIX or Linux environment.
  • DBA, Mainframe Developer who want to get themselves familiar with Unix or Linux Command-Line.
  • Managers who want to get themselves familiar with Unix or Linux Command-Line.
  • System Administrators who want to get themselves familiar with Unix or Linux Command-Line.
  • A professional working in java, .NET, Python, database, or any field of computer.
  • RPA Developer, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers.
  • Anyone who wants upskill themselves in Unix or Linux commands.
  • Every IT Professional will someday need to login to UNIX or Linux in their career.

This course includes:

  • 2.5 hours of on-demand video.
  • Full lifetime access.
  • Access on mobile and TV.
  • Certificate of Completion.

Course Created by Pradeep D

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