Free Complete Developer Bootcamp Certification Course, Avail Now

Free Certification Course Name: The Complete Developer Bootcamp

The course you need to learn Best Practices in Software Development.


Hi there! Welcome to The Complete Developer Bootcamp, the course you need to learn Best Practices in Software DevelopmentThis complete course is designed to educate and transform you into a job-ready, high-quality software developer.
Free Complete Developer Bootcamp Certification Course
Free Complete Developer Bootcamp Certification Course


  • Be ready to learn an insane amount of awesome real-life information.
  • Have a computer with an Internet connection.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is a software bug, and what damage it can bring?
  • Get useful manual review tips.
  • What is code quality?
  • How can we use automated code analysis?
  • What is a code of quality gates?
  • What is and why we need coding standards.
  • Find out what is the difference between code-style and code-convention.
  • What is a manual code review process?
  • Will find real-life code review checklist.
  • What is the difference between Manual vs Automation Testing?
  • What testing approaches and techniques we can use during software development.
  • How team collaboration improves code quality.
  • What is the Unit test?
  • Why do we need Unit tests?
  • What is a place of test automation in the lifecycle?
  • What test automation tools we can use.
  • Test automation goals and metrics.
  • What is performance testing?
  • What is security testing?
  • Will get the real-life unit test convention.
  • What branching strategies exist.
  • The difference between functional and non-functional testing.
  • What is Continuous Integration?
  • What is Continues Delivery?
  • How can we use software releases to improve product quality?
  • What is Continues Deployment?
  • What is the difference between Continues Integration, Delivery and Deployment?
  • Business Analyst Role on a Project.
  • Business Analyst Collaboration.
  • How can we estimate a task?
  • How can we estimate a project?
  • Benefits of Agile methodology.
  • We’ll compare Scrum/Kanban/XP.

Course Content:



This course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about development, regardless of the previous experience.
  • It’s perfect for complete beginners with zero experience.
  • It’s perfect for middle developers who wants to improve theoretical knowledge.
  • If you want to take ONE COURSE to learn everything you need to pass the software developer interview.

This course includes:

  • 4.5 hours of on-demand video.
  • 4 articles.
  • Full lifetime access.
  • Access on mobile and TV.
  • Certificate of Completion.
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