Computer Basics – Windows 7/10 – Desktop IT Support Training | 100% Off

Free Certification Course Title: Computer Basics – Windows 7/10 – Desktop IT Support Training

Computer basics – Windows 7/10 desktop IT support training – Troubleshooting for printers, email & slow computers.

Computer Basics - Windows 7/10 - Desktop IT Support Training
Computer Basics – Windows 7/10 – Desktop IT Support Training


  • To be able to use a computer in an office environment as an end-user (i.e. be able to use Office applications and browse the internet).

What you’ll learn:

  • If you are an end-user, how to fix the most common issues with your office PC that would normally require contacting IT support.
  • If you work on a helpdesk, how to fix the most common issues that end users usually contact you about.
  • A quick overview of GDPR and how it affects you as an end-user.
  • How to setup network printer objects yourself.
  • How to correctly set up your monitors so they are the correct way around when moving your mouse.

Course Content:




Computer basics/desktop support training course which assumes that you have some previous knowledge of the fundamental basics on how to use a computer and covers the basic IT essentials of desktop support issues that can come up in a company computer network on a daily basis, assuming your PC is running Windows XP, 7 or 10, covering everything from installing missing printers to troubleshooting problems with email messages.

Who this course is for:

  • People who use computers on a daily basis but would like to be able to solve basic issues themselves without having to ring IT support.

This course includes:

  • 32 mins on-demand video.
  • Full lifetime access.
  • Access on mobile and TV.
  • Certificate of Completion.

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