Complete Python 3 Programming Bootcamp™ from Scratch in 2020 – Free Udemy Courses

Free Certification Course Name: Complete Python 3 Programming Bootcamp™ from Scratch in 2020


Complete Python 3 Programming Bootcamp™ from Scratch in 2020
Complete Python 3 Programming Bootcamp™ from Scratch in 2020


  • Basic Knowledge of any programming language
  • Passion of learning

What you’ll learn:

  • BASICS OF PYTHON (Introduction to the IDE, Data types of python)
  • ARITHMATIC OPERATIONS (i. Basis of arithmetic operations ii. Building the understanding of DMAS rule iii. Usage of arithmetic operation and assignment operation in one expression iv. Built-in math functions v. Using DMAS rule along with built in Math functions vi. Descriptive view on generating seed based random numbers in python
  • FUNCTIONS AND MODULES (i. Python user defined functions ii. Including main function in the script iii. Pass by reference and pass by value parameters iv. Function Parameters v. Python user defined modules vi. Variables Scope)
  • STRINGS (i. String manipulation ii. Immutable characteristic of Strings iii. Special characters in strings iv. String concatenation and f-string formatting v. Built-in methods of strings)
  • CONTROL AND FLOW (i. If statements ii. Else statements iii. Elif statements iv. For loops and its variants v. Pass Break Continue vi. Else of for loops vii. Number guessing game with the Flow control statements)
  • FILE PROCESSING (i. Opening a file in python script ii. Reading data from a file iii. Writing data to file iv. Delete file from python script v. Modes of file handling vi. Usage of open() vii. Usage of glob)
  • DATA STRUCTURES (I. List II. Built-in operations on Lists III. Tuple IV. Built-in operations on Lists V. Stack VI. Queue VII. Shallow and Deep copy VIII. Sharing of memory in RAM IX. Dictionary X. Concept of shallow and deep copy in Dictionaries XI. Built-in operations on Dictionaries XII. Sets)
  • ADVANCE CONCEPTS (I. Reduce II. Understanding Reduce as a generator III. Map IV. Understanding Map as a generator V. Filter VI. Understanding Filter as a generator VII. Multiple values to Map, Reduce and Filter)
  • OOP (i. Classes ii. More than one object of same class prototype iii. Class and Instance variables iv. Inheritance v. Parent and Child class vi. Usage of super() method vii. Overriding viii. Multiple Inheritance ix. Diamond Problem)
  • SCRAPY (I. Scrapy and Scrapy installation II. Basic Scraping from table III. Scraping top 250 imdb movies IV. Rating, description, run time and genre of the top 250 imdb movies V. Spiders VI. Types of Spiders VII. Saving information in json VIII. Scrap all the products from HUGO BOSS (E-commerce) site IX. Scrap the major details of each product)

Course Content:



Who this course is for:

  • Those who are interested in Python
  • Those who have basic level of understanding of English
  • Those who have basic knowledge of any programming language
  • Those who wants to write programs for Daily usage softwares
  • Those who are interested in making automated computer programs
  • Those who wants to unlock the future of IT that is Python
  • Python programmers who want to level up their skills.

This course includes:

  • 24 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

Created by Apex Learning, Apex Education


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